SC300T SuperCycler Trinity Triple Zone (PCR Thermal Cycler)

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The SuperCycler Trinity is a high performance block cycling system configured and optimised for Industry standard 200ul individual or strip tubes (domed or flat-capped) or 96-well plates (low or high skirt) with strip caps or adhesive film seals. Boasting a large 7inch colour touch screen the SuperCycler offers the most vibrant and flexible user interface of any standard block cycler on the market. Configuration and profile setup is now easy and intuitive and temperatures are vividly displayed in real time during the run. Exceptional performance, unparalleled user interface and highly competitive price is fast winning the SuperCycler Trinity winning market popularity!

*Thermal Cycling Technology : High performance active heating and cooling
using 6 quality peltier elements arranged as 3 independant control zones
*Temperature Range : 4°C – 99°C
*Temperature Accuracy : ±0.5°C over full range, typically < ±0.1°C at 60°C
*Temperature Uniformity : ±0.3°C, 30 seconds after target (range 40°C – 90°C)
Typically < ±0.1°C at 60°C
*Temperature Resolution : 0.1°C increments
*Heating/Cooling Rate : 7°C/sec Peak (block). 5°C/sec typical heat & cool
between denat & aneal (block)
*Well Configuration : 96-well block supporting: 0.2 mL tubes or strip tubes
with flat or domed caps;
96-well high-or low skirt plates with strip caps, adhesive
cover, or oil overlay
*Condensation Control : Automatic utilising applied pressure heated lid
*Heated Lid Temperature Range : Controllable 60°C – 115°C
*Dimensions : Width: 180mm (7”)
Depth: 285mm (11.2”); 350mm (13.8”) including cables
Height: 190mm (7.5”) lid closed; 340mm (13.4”) lid open
*Weight : 5.5kg (11 lbs)
*Colour : Pewter on black
*Electrical : 100–240 VAC @ 4 Amp (50/60 Hz) Automatic voltage sense,
standard IEC Inlet plug
*External Connectivity : USB interface to Windows based PC
*Interface : USB host port – file transfer to and from USB memory stick – mouse/ keyboard connection
– printer (potential future software release)
*Internal Interface : Embedded graphical controller with 7” widescreen touch
sensitive colour backlit display
*Software : Supplied with unlimited user licenses
Free upgrades available via web download
*Internal memory : 256MB, enough for 10,000+ saved profiles
*Functionality : Multiple thermal zones, Touch Down/Up, Long Range,
Thermal Gradient*, Program Pauses, Temperature Graphing,
On-screen Help, User Accounts, Profile Load and Saving,
Manual Mode, USB File Transfer, Post run reporting, Auto restart and more
*Included Accessories : Power Cable, User Manual, Touch Screen Stylus

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