12 Position Nitrogen Evaporator


The 12 position N-EVAP  has proven to be an extremely durable, time tested and highly affordable member of our N-EVAP line. These economical units provide controlled concentration of sample vials through the application of nitrogen gas within a heated water bath. The N-EVAP’s circular rotating design permits each sample to be accessible from the front of the instrument for easy insertion and retrieval.

Temperature Ranges Water Bath: 30ºC – 70ºC (± 1ºC), Dry Bath: 30°C-130°C (± 1°C).
Test Tube Ranges Diameter: 10 mm to 30 mm, Volume: 1 ml to 50ml.
Standard Features Nitrogen filter, Adjustable flow meter, High pressure phthalate free tubing for safety, Teflon tubing for no contamination, High temperature limit switch for safety, Dual band spring hoist assembly, Precision needle valve tube assembly, Polypropylene hub, stainless steel shaft, 19 gauge x 4 inch needles
Additional Features & Accessories Z-Purge/Intrinsically Safe Purge Case, High temperature dry bath, Acid resistant Teflon coating, Pasteur pipette adapters, Nitrogen generator, Micro sample holder, 5mm to 16mm (12 positions), compatible with 6 or 12 position N-EVAP, Large vessel sample holder, 30mm to 56mm (6 Positions), compatible with 6 or 12 position N-EVAP, Chrome plated, brass hub, stainless steel needles, 4 inch x 19 gauge (other sizes available), Pasteur pipette adapters, High temperature silicone fluid, 220v wiring harness

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