PS/MID/H60 Priorclave Compact 60 Benchtop Autoclave

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With a level of settings and operating flexibility usually reserved for larger autoclaves, the Priorclave H60 compact, front loading steam sterilisers enable laboratories with low volume requirements to enjoy the full benefits of a feature-packed range at an affordable price. Designed for bench-mounting and easy installation, models in this versatile H60 range can be supplied for either manual or auto-water fill and come in a choice of standard or vacuum models. These models will appeal to laboratories where space is limited and infrequent sterilisations take place. The H60 compact autoclave is ideally suited for use in a wide range of sterilising applications such as media preparation, laboratory waste, liquids and diluents, glassware, instruments and apparatus.

• Extra deep chamber (may require slightly wide benchtop)
• Quickseal single-action door fitted with thermal and pressure locks to prevent opening at load temperature
above 80oC and pressures above 0.2 bar.
• Tactrol 2 microprocessor control with simple and fully variable setting of process time, temperature with graphic indication of cycle station.
• Automatic timed free-steaming.
• Forced Air Cooling.

• Low water level sensor.
• Two loading shelves.
• Epoxy coated panels and frame members are treated with an anti-bacterial agent which is effective against all bacteria and fungi including MRSA.

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