NuAire – PharmaGard ES NU-NTE800-600 Total Exhaust Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator

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The PharmaGard ES NTE800 Total Exhaust Compounding Containment Pharmacy Isolator creates negative pressure ISO Class 5 clean air environment for aseptic compounding of hazardous drugs and chemotherapy drugs to meet USP 797 and 800 requirements.


Expanded Work Zone Supports Flexible Workflow

The large work zone lets workers place the interchange on the left or right sides of the 4-foot units, or on the left, right, or both sides at once of the 6-foot units. This provides each worker with a customized work space for increased comfort and reduced arm, neck and shoulder strain.

Easy Access

The oval slanted glove ports and the six-hook, three-position IV bar improve your reach while ensuring proper compounding distance and height.

Optional Adjustable Base Encourages Comfortable Work Posture
Provide maximum knee and thigh clearance and proper height for optimal leg and upper-body support with the adjustable base.

Improved Viewing
The cool white lighting and open sight lines help workers see the work area more clearly.


Meets USP 797 Standards
Provide a certified ISO Class 5 sterile environment with this compounding aseptic containment isolator (CACI), which meets or exceeds the requirements of USP 797 for moving product in and out and for containing particulates and volatile gases. The HEPA-filtered interchange compartment maintains a negative pressure relative to the work area, which operates at a negative air pressure relative to the surrounding room. This minimizes the possibility of hazardous materials migrating from the workspace into the surrounding room, and of contamination migrating into the work zone.

Meets USP 800 Standards
Use this CACI, which meets USP 800 standards, to adequately protect personnel and the environment outside the pharmacy when handling hazardous drugs.

Remove Sharps and Waste Quickly
Protect workers from sharps and waste, which are disposed of through covered negative-pressure drop tubes. This waste system maintains sterility and increases workspace. A locking mechanism with an airtight seal holds the waste containers in place under the work surface, and the containers can be quickly released, removed and replaced.

Inner Transfer Window Isolates Sterile Product
The counterbalanced transfer window separates the inter-chamber from the sterile work zone. A security lock ensures the inner transfer door remains locked if the outer door is open. Workers can quickly move the transfer window up or down with one finger.

Seamlessly Transfer Compounding Material
A removable stainless steel tray located in the transfer compartment is mounted on ball-bearing brackets to let workers smoothly move compounding materials into and out of the work area. The tray has coved corners to make it easier to keep clean and sterile.


Ultrahigh-Efficiency Motor
Reduce energy costs and increase filter life with the ultrahigh-efficiency motor.

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