MITO AC 3500 – Large Range and Automated Tunnel Washer

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washing up to 750 cages per hour

To support the growing demand of compact systems for the automatic processing of animal cages, MITO AC 3500 provides for an integrated and flexible solution

For the processing of almost any type of animal cages available on the market, the system is composed by modules with dedicated functions:

1) pre-wash,
2) acid/alkaline wash,
3) rinse and final rinse,
4) blow down,
5) hot air drying.


  • Modules can be added or removed for customized solutions.
  • Each tunnel chamber is provided with a vertical sliding glass door for visual inspection.
  • 3500 combines high pressure and flow rate to grant outstanding washing and rinsing performances, washing up to 750 cages per hour.
  • Despite the powerful action and huge water flow, the AC 3500 provides a very significant reduction of use of water.
  • The AC 3500 is available in the 950mm (35.43″) and in the wider 1100mm (43.31″) belt with versions.

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