LAB 900 SL – High Capacity Glassware Washer

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A high capacity, sliding-up door, laboratory glassware washer equipped with 4 washing/drying level connections. This device is capable of cleaning bottles and carboys up to 100 lt / 26.42 Gal US capacity.

  • Full visibility motorized sliding up door made of double HST temperate glass.
  • Steelcotronic control panel with LCD display to visualize cycle status with 20 standard programs for laboratory glassware and 20 additional custom programs available for customization.
  • RS 232 port for printer connection to monitor and validate washing phases.
  • Ergonomic design of the door level height allows to the user a convenient loading/unloading job with the support of a manual loading/unloading trolley.
  • Telescopic bearing rails enable easy and safe loading/unloading of the glassware.

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