HGD-113 – Autoclave Hirayama with Vacuum Pump

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Autoclave with Vacuum Pump

  • Wide500mm Diameter chamber!
  • Low-height take out chamber, but Large Capacity.
  • Special programs, e.g. For Durham tubes.
  • Comparison of Height of Taking out the load:
  • One-touch Open/Close for Safety reasons!
  • Auto. Slide Locking System for Safety.
  • PT100 Ohm Temp. Control Sensor.
  • PT100 Ohm Floating Sensor (Option)
  • Digital Printer with Normal type Roll Paper.
  • 2 USB Ports (for Interface and Memory Flash)

    HGD-113: 805Hmm

  • Fast Cooling as Standard.(HG: Air Cooling / HGS/HGD : Water Cooling)
  • A
  • Ajustable Lid-Lock Temperature.
  • Radiator for Exhaust Steam Cooling.
  • 4-Step Exhaust Level.
  • Programmable auto-start.
  • Built-in Separate Steam Generator
  • Built-in High Performance Vacuum Pump.

Model: HGD-113
capacity: 132.9Liter
capacity: 113Liter
Chamber: Dia.
size?mm): 500×576H
Outer dimensions
(W×H×D(mm): 686×930×870
Max.Steril.temp: 135?
Process mode: 12 programs (Arbitrary setting with 3 programs for each cycle)
Net weight: 184kg

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