GFH 5300 Erlab Green Fume Hood Filtration Tehnology

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Tested in accordance with : • AFNOR NF X 15 211 • EN 14175-3 • ASHRAE 110:1995 • Eliminates air supply and extraction systems • Very low energy consumption • Low operating costs • Reduced investment cost • Standalone system, no ductwork required • Flexibility in lab planning • Easy to relocate • No pollutants released into the atmosphere • Eliminates CO2 emissions linked to energy production

a single molecular filter for all chemicals
• Allows the simultaneous handlings of solvents, acids and bases with the same filter.
• High retention capacities for an unprecedented level of safety.
• Unique formulation, without carbon mixing.
• No heavy metal impregnation used

Powder filtration
• High-efficiency HEPA filters used are H14 type filters, in accordance with standard EN 1822-1
• 99.995% global filtration efficiency for particles over 0.1 micron in size.

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