Colony Star 8500 Colony Counter

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The Funke Gerber ColonyStar is a low cost, high quality colony counter. It is supplied with a magnifying glass, two Wolffhügel Disks (one black and one white), a reducing insert for smaller plates and a marker pen. Both the brightness and the colour of the background illumination can be adjusted in 65 steps allowing for easy counting on any colour media. All heat created by the high power LED’s is transferred away from the counting area so there is no heating of the Petri dish.

Specification :
Counter: LCD Displays ( 0…..99999/ 5 digits) with reset switch and acoustic signal ( which can be swithed off)
Plug for automatic electric pen
Connection : 230V/ 50 Hz….6 Hz/ 39V
Dimension : LxWxH : 250x230x95 mm
Weight : 1, 5 kg

– Magnifier with shelter ( magnification : 2x)
– Automatic electric pen
– Fiber refill
– Clear Glass plate with dark field

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