ABBOTT The Sympheos™ System

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Real-time Data Collection and Visibility for Testing Programmes

The Sympheos™ System (formerly Data Point) is an innovative suite of connected online tools that gives you a real-time view of your healthcare programme.

The Sympheos System allows you to manage and implement decentralized tools for COVID-19, HIV, and other diseases:

  • Capture data in real time from mobile apps
  • Manage mobile app accounts
  • Track individual user stats
  • Facilitate efficient management of multiple testing sites
  • Log patient results



  • Collate and analyze data to monitor device health and operator efficiency.
  • Monitor consumable usage across all your testing sites preventing stock issues.
  • Ensure consistently accurate results through sophisticated QC charts and dashboards.
  • Run customizable reports and statistical analysis in a centralized secure data warehouse.
  • Remotely tracks your devices and enables near real-time data capture of disease states and trends.
  • Alerts sent to your email that enables you to monitor stock and device malfunctions.

Sympheos Insights offer data visualization, trends and reporting for COVID-19:

  • Heat maps
  • Number of tests vs positive results over time
  • Segmentation by geography, site, date, symptoms, results, user
  • View tests by result, age distribution, gender


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