ABBOTT Alere BinaxNOW® RSV Card

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Alere BinaxNOW® RSV Card is an in vitro rapid immunochromatographic assay used to detect respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) fusion protein antigen in nasal wash and nasopharyngeal (NP) swab specimens from symptomatic patients. It is intended to aid in the diagnosis of RSV infections in patients under the age of 5.


RSV is the most common cause of severe respiratory illness in young children. The BinaxNOW® RSV Card is one of the easiest tests to run on the market today and helps reduce the spread of infection.


Valuable information can be obtained before hospital admission to help control the spread of RSV infections


Results available in just 15 minutes


Requires limited hands-on time


Provides highly accurate results and includes built-in controls


Can be used with either nasal wash or nasopharyngeal swab samples


Parents can be given critical care instructions before leaving the pediatrician’s office


Can be used alongside BinaxNOW® Influenza A&B Card using the same patient sample

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